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Feedback and Testimonials

"...it is extremely important to ... that she has the phone and gives her a wonderful sense of independence..."

"Thanks once again for developing this product... it has been a godsend"

"nice site and very helpful"

"Cool phone modifications!"

"I have looked at your site and my eyes lite up with a big smile from ear to ear thinking independence"

"We received your headset and gave it a try. It works well!"

"this is a wonderful product for my son and he has told all of his friends about it…thanks"

"I demonstrated the system to Nurses and Occupational Therapists and they were impressed.  They had not seen anything like it before."

"Your work is helping all of us and is certainly appreciated."

"it is truly one of the only ways he can communicate with outside world"

"Your EasyBlue works great and will be extremely popular with the disabled community. Congratulations on a much needed new product!"

"I think overall, this device will be just fine for ... and already he's getting used to it and loves it! The guys at the Sprint store were really interested in it too :) Thanks again for all of your advice and support"

"Thanks for working on this for us.  The switch is truly a Godsend in ... situation!"

"You have always been responsive and helpful... I really appreciate it."






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