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Accessible Cell Phones for the Blind, Low Vision, Elderly, Hard of Hearing, Quadriplegic, or Physically Disabled

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Mobile Speak a screen reader software for blind and low vision cell phone users


Blind and Low Vision

Jitterbug cell phone for the elderly

Seniors cell phones - solutions for seniors and the elderly


Safelink cell phone from the Lifeline and Link-up free cell phone government program

Free Government Cell Phones -Lifeline and Link-up Programs


Medical Alert System


Speech to Speech Relay Service

Picture of a swtich adapted bluetooth headset


Cell Phone Solutions for those with Physical Disabilities


Artone bluetooth and wired neckloop/loopsets make cell phones accessible to the hard of hearing with t-coil hearing aids.  Artone Bluetooth neckloop being worn by my son Jeremiah

Hearing - Hard of Hearing with T-coil Hearing Aids


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Learn about Lifeline and Link-up Free Cell Phone Programs from the government

Learn about Speech to Speech relay services for people with speech disabilities

Learn more about the accessibility features of the Apple iPhone with VoiceOver and Zoom for the blind, low vision, and visually impaired.

Read the latest update to the article Accessible Cell Phone Solutions for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Why Accessible Cell Phones are Important to the Elderly, Blind, Low Vision, Hard of Hearing, Quadriplegic or Physically Disabled?

It comes down to this:

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What We Provide to someone who is Elderly, Blind, Low Vision, Hard of Hearing, Quadriplegic, or Physically Disabled Looking for an Accessible Cell Phone


About us

We have a real interest in cell phone accessibility.  I love technology.  As a small business owner I know first hand how important my cell phone PDA is in staying connected away from the office.  I have many connections to people with disabilities.  I have multiple family members with disabilities, I have worked professionally with people with disabilities, and have many friends who I have helped provide accessible cell phone solutions to. 



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